MEAS - Vintage Boucherouite Moroccan Rug

This vintage Boucherouite rug is a stunning mix of extravagant color and plush texture. The word "boucherourite" in Arabic translates to, 'a piece torn from used clothing" or a "scrap." These rugs are handcrafted using upcycled and repurposed rag strips and yarns from recycled clothing and other materials.

  • 42"W x 93"H
  • This rug is vintage, so expect some natural wear and tear that add to its character and charm
  • To clean, shaking it out is preferred
  • If vacuuming is a must, aim for twice a month and use the setting without the spin brush
  • Moroccan rugs utilize a looser spun wool yarn, so constant vacuuming can accelerate its wear
  • If spot cleaning is necessary, use a water/vinegar mix as this will help preserve the color unlike chemical detergents
  • If a deeper clean is desired, we suggest using a professional rug cleaner
  • Your purchase supports local artisans and helps to preserve traditional techniques
  • Please allow 3-5 days of processing time before your order ships


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