For the homebody with a wandering soul.
Bring the world home.

Sow your roots.

Our homes are our roots. They speak volumes about who we are and where we've been—living woven tapestries that are as dynamic, ever-evolving, and rooted in tradition as we are. No matter where we go, our roots keep us grounded.

Molave is for the individual who values time at home as much as time away, who cultivates spaces that are as soulful as they are beautiful.

Branch out.

Our home goods are conduits for storytelling—each piece is imbued with tradition and soul. Ethically sourced from leading artisans and artists around the globe, they utilize traditional techniques passed down in their families for generations, or skills acquired through development programs that provide economic opportunies to their communities.

Working directly with these artists and artisans means we can connect their work to you to propagate those traditions and heritage, so you can bring the world home.

Our Roots

Fun fact: 'Molave' is a sun-loving tree that's native to the Philippines and known for its strength, durability, beauty and ornamental potential. That's why the Molave tree spoke to us when we were creating this brand. Those qualities are inherent in all of our products, but also in everyone in our community—our artisans, our artists, and you.

Our roots connect us to our heritage and the Earth, while our branches spread far to connect us all.

Molave was inspired by the people, places and cultures we've encountered on our travels, and born out of a desire to cultivate a worldly, well-traveled home. It started off when we discovered pure joy in collecting pieces for our own homes, and it has since blossomed into a sincere passion for helping others do the same.

We found that when we infuse love, heart and soul into our personal spaces by thoughtfully curating the objects we fill them with, coming home becomes just as exciting and inspiring as arrival into the next destination.

Home is the beautiful destination.

Why our products?

Supporting artisans

Our products are handcrafted by leading global artisans who infuse each piece with tradition and soul. Your purchase helps to sustain our long-term partnership while keeping traditions alive.

Made to last

We're proponents of slow and sustainable. Our products are resilient, and our artisans handcraft them utilizing high quality materials. They take time to make—so they take time to wear as well.

Rare treasures

Our goods are either one-of-a-kind, made in small batches, or made-to-order—never mass produced. This means that each piece is as unique and precious as the people and cultures that inspired them.

May your home move you as your travels do.

- Arnelle & Gianna // Co-Founders