+ Exclusive trade discount of 15% off retail prices

+ Personalized service and dedicated support

+ Design consulting

+ Custom or large orders in partnership with our artisans

+ Support global artisans via access to our artisan partners

+ Extended returns

+ Flat rate shipping

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To enjoy the benefits of our Trade Program, we need to verify that you are a licensed professional. Please provide one of the following by following this link to upload or emailing to trade@molave.co.

➞ Valid Business License as an Interior Designer, Architect or Commercial Developer.

  • ➞ Valid Interior Design Certificate (NCIDQ, CCIDC).
  • ➞ Proof of Professional Design Membership (AI, IDI, ASID).


Once you've submitted your document(s), please click 'submit' below to complete your application!

Thank you for your submission! We will be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Is there a specific email to reach out to for trade requests?

Yes! Please send your inquiries to trade@molave.co.

What are lead times for online orders?

For online orders of our existing stock, it typically takes anywhere 1-3 business days to process orders and get them shipped.

What are lead times for custom orders?

For custom orders with artisan partners or orders of current designs that exceed our existing stock quantities, lead times vary according to the products. Our artisan partners typically only have the capacity to work in small batches, but we will always alongside them and you to ensure orders are fulfilled in a streamlined and efficient manner. Please see below for rough estimates on product lead times for small batch orders (larger orders will increase these times):

+ Oaxacan textiles | 1-2 months

+ Oaxacan pottery | 3-4 weeks
+ Molave pottery | 3-4 weeks
+ Ugandan tableware | 3-4 weeks
+ Ugandan baskets | 3-4 weeks
+ Moroccan rugs | 6-10 weeks
+ Moroccan baskets | 3-4 weeks


Once you're a member of our Trade Program, you will receive a unique trade discount code to place orders online. You can also place an order by calling us or emailing us at trade@molave.co. Please note that custom orders or large orders cannot be placed online and must be handled directly through one of our team members via phone or email.

Where do items ship from?

Online orders ship from us in Austin, TX. If you place a large or custom order, our artisan partners ship the products to us from their respective countries upon completion so we can conduct our routine quality control checks. Once we've verified the items, we will ship them to you from Austin, TX.