Molave Tribe

By joining the tribe, you are helping to ensure quality working conditions and fair monthly wages to our artisans around the world.

In some parts of the world, garment and textile workers earn less than $2 per day. That's less than $60 per month, meaning what they earn in an entire month is less than what some of us might pay for a week's worth of groceries. Many are also forced to work in problematic conditions, often putting them in danger for wages that don't even allow them to support themselves or their families.


We want to do our part in changing that. On top of the money our artisans make when we purchase wholesale items from them, our goal is to pay them an additional $160 per month, as a monthly salary. That's where the Molave Tribe comes in. The Molave Tribe is our response to unacceptable working conditions in an effort to uplift our communities.


We believe in rewarding our artisans, not exploiting them. We treat them with the same respect that we expect in our workplaces, and we empower them so that they can not only provide livelihoods for themselves and their loved ones, but so that they can truly thrive in their respective crafts.

How It Works

1. Subscribe monthly.

Choose the monthly contribution that works best for you, we have 3 levels to choose from. If need be, you can cancel at any time.

2. Support an artisan.

Your contribution goes straight to the artisans, we don't keep a single cent. A monthly contribution means consistent work for artisans who need it.

3. Monthly perks.

On top of a unique 15% off discount code you can use each month towards a purchase in our store, you will also receive a small gift monthly. You'll be able to choose from a selection of gifts each time.

We don't

Pick the Plan That Works For You


+ Cover a worker's wages for 2 days.

+ Receive a small gift monthly.

+ Receive regular updates on the community you are supporting.


+ Cover a worker's wages for a week.

+ Receive a medium gift monthly.

+ Receive regular updates on the individual you are supporting and the livelhoods you are protecting.


+ Cover a worker's wages for an entire month.

+ Receive a large gift monthly.

+ Receive intimate details on the individual you are supporting and how that uplifts the entire community.

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